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"Building Business Partnership Between India and Oklahoma"
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Frequently Asked Questions

Facts, Questions and Answers :

Q. What are the goals of IACCO?
A. Please visit our "Goals" page for details.

Q. Why should I join IACCO?
A. As a member you can avail various benefits. Please visit our “Benefits” page for details.

Q. How can I become a member of IACCO?
A. It's easy to activate your membership at any time. Just fill out the online form and send a check afterwards. Or download the off-line form print it, fill it and send it with the required membership fees.

Q. How much does it cost to become a member?
A. Prices are listed on the membership form please see page for details.

Q. What is a Life Membership?
A. It means no more dues... ever! If dues go up, as inflation could eventually require, that won't matter to you. It is just a one time payment.

Q. Can I pay my membership dues online or using my credit card?
A. Sorry, at this time we are accepting only Checks. However, we will accept credit card transactions soon.

Q. How will other people or members know I am a member of IACCO?
A. Our aim is to make other members aware of your business. Our Membership Directory contains the information about your business. You may also purchase additional advertising on our web sites.

Q. What is a Membership Directory? What is Yellow/White Page?

A. The membership directory is similar to your local phone directory. The White Pages list just your basic information and the Yellow Pages list your business information plus your paid advertisements.

Q. What are the benefits a member can avail?
A. Please visit our "Benefits" page in our website. Or click here.

Q. How can I contact an authorized official in IACCO?
A. Please fill out an online form in our "Contact us" page and someone will contact you at our earliest.

Q. Are Donations to IACCO Tax-deductible?
A. No. We are a 501(c) (6), but you do not pay taxes on the dues.

Q. Are you a non-profit organization/corporation?
A. Yes.

We have summerized the above questions/answers for your convenience. If you have a question, and do not find the answer here, please contact us. We will be glad to respond you back at our earliest.

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